Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 2, 2008

Dear Family:

PARABÊNS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!! It is so great to hear everybody's wonderful news and know that everybody is growing and learning and doing great things while I'm far, far away. I don't know if it's just because I just hear the good stuff, but it seems like everybody's just incredible. Mom going back to work... Dad figuring out how to deal with stress and rocking his job and life in general... April going back to school and working good jobs... Ethan getting ready to go to school... Emily ace-ing school and everything else she tries... and Kevin turning into a powerhouse missionary in a single transfer. I'm so proud to be a part of this family. I love you all. So much. I'm so greatful that we're all in this life together. I know that every one of us is part of this family for a reason. We are here to teach each other and to grow together so that we can all go home together in the end.

I love that life is so perfect. Kevin's letter was just what I was ready to hear. I have a goal to be able to recognize and follow the Spirit better. And I've been letting stuff get too complicated recently. And I was thinking this week that things need to be more simple... but Kevin's letter confirmed and clarified what I need to do. The Spirit can testify to pure and simple truths. It has to be simple. I'm gonna do that. I should've already figured it out. It's what Kamilla had to do. She's only 12. (even though she looks at least Emily's age...) But she's super smart and she wanted to understand all the doctrine and wanted everything to make sense. And she met the missionaries over a year ago. It was only when she finally simplified that she got her answer. When she simplified her question to just ask if the Book of Mormon was true or not. And if she should be baptized or not. And she was finally baptized!! I also love that Kevin and I are sharing some cultural experiences here in Brazil. All the Christmas lights and the 95 degree weather are freaking me out, too. And goodness sakes... family's just keep visiting on Sundays!!

Love you all!!

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