Sunday, December 7, 2008

September 9, 2008

Dear Family:

I had an awesome birthday. Happy Anniversary coming up, Mom and Dad! Paulo da Pizza shared his birthday cake with me and Sister Tittelfitz gave me earrings and a hair flower and made me pancackes for breakfast (we were on splits that day). and Sister F. Souza gave me chocolates and our District Leader gave me and my companion a chocolate for my birthday but another Elder in our district got jealous so I gave it to him. And I opened the last of my packages on my birthday. it was all quite exciting.

Anyone remember a clean well-lighted place by Ernest Hemingway? And the Hemingway hero? I met a Hemingway hero this week. In some apartment buildings they have a porteiro and you have to identify yourself to him and he calls up to the apartment and then lets you know if you can go in or not. he opens doors and moves cars around, too. So, I met the best porteiro in the world. he knows everybody's name and life story and not because he's a busybody either. he's totally warm and caring and never forgets anybody. he even knows the names of all the friends of people in the building that visit semi-regularly. and he knows the missionaries. it's always awesome when we get a reference for that building because he'll tell us what's up with that person and how we can help them and when would be best to visit them. Hemingway hero right there. I'll have to write a famous short story about my friend, the porteiro someday.

I thought about Dad in fast and testimony meeting yesterday. I wrote down all the names and themes of the testimonies and it became a really special experience. And then I shared that experience as a message at lunch. We have lunch every day with member, by the way. Dinners we're on our own... but I usually just snack on something. One big meal per day is enough. : ) Anyway... Mosiah 18 when Alma is organizing the church and it talks about the purpose of being in congregations and sharing together. fast and testimony meeting is really a special opportunity to knit your hearts together and become united as is says in Mosiah 18:21-22. I liked it.

I loved dad's last letter. I'm even going to print it out. And mom, thanks for the update on your exciting adventures. I love and miss you all.

You're in my prayers.

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