Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oct. 14, 2008

Dear Family,

I love the temple! I love the prophets of the Lord! I love my life. These couple of weeks have been incredibly spiritually rejuvenating. It was wonderful to see Kevin and get to hug a boy. And going to the temple... I never want to go that long without going again in my life. I don't know how Kevin's gonna handle it. Kev, you should probably start remembering what happens there... take some time out once a week and just think about it. Otherwise you'll forget. Or maybe not. You don't forget as easily as I do... but with just 6 months without going things started to get fuzzy. And the power of the memory was gone.

I loved all of the talks in General Conference, but one that I want to mention here is the one about Christian Courage. I've been learning that the hardest parts of the gospel to live are the most simple. "The Gospel" that Jesus taught... turn the other cheek. bless them that curse you. go the second mile. You know. The basics. We've promised to do these things... at baptism and in the temple. And how many of us do them? Not me. And I think not most. But with Christian Courage we're gonna make it. We can live the gospel in it's fulness and simplicity. We just have to choose to follow Christ... show our intelligence. Any other choice is madness, right? That talk by Elder Corbridge was awesome, too. And so were all the others. I've gotta go. Kevin, welcome to the real mission! You're gonna do great.
Love you all.


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