Sunday, December 7, 2008

September 16, 2008

Dear Family,

I'm going to get to go to São Paulo and see Kevin on September 30! I'm so excited. 6 months is a really long time to not go to the temple. And 2 1/2 years is a really long time to not see your brother. I love my mission president. And the CTM president.

We currently have one investigator who is progressing: Nelsiana. She is a lovely woman who is the neighbor of one of the strongest families in our ward/stake (the Ginattos). One day she came crying to the matriarch of the Ginatto clan that she needed something in her life and then she came to church. She is studying and reading the Book of Mormon and she has the beginnings of a testimony. I think she'll be baptized in the next couple of weeks.

As to spiritual experiences, I loved that you had one with fasting, because I've had some great fasting experiences recently. Sometimes when I can't do anything else, I just fast. And things always get better. And just like Dad, it doesn't always stay as better as it was during the fast... but baby steps in the right direction. If you haven't guessed, things have been a little tricky these last weeks. But it's given me many opportunities to grow. On fast Sunday I made a list of the things that I'm better at because of her. I'm more selfless, obedient, patient, deliberate, humble, forgiving, loving, calm, and controlled, among a wealth of others. I am only praying now to be able to return the favor and help her improve, too. If you want to join me in praying for my companion, I'd welcome that. And that's the extent of my adventures in the great bairro or Embaré for another week.

Thanks for your prayers. And thanks for sending your testimony, Dad. It always makes me feel good.You are all lovely. Miss and love you.


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