Saturday, December 6, 2008

June 3, 2008

Dear Dad and Family,

Not too much to report this week. I like my new District... we have District Meeting once a week to have some training and some practice and learn from each other, and they're all really cool elders with different teaching styles and examples for me to learn from. Usually only a few people move in a district at a time, but of 6 missionaries in the district, 4 are new... our district leader is opening an area and training at the same time (you open an area when both of the missionaries who were there are transfered, so you come in knowing nothing... usually you can't even find your own house, much less all your investigators, and you don't know what to teach anyone, etc... and you train when you get someone fresh from the CTM).

We had a week with really low numbers, but we taught 5 lessons yesterday, so maybe this week will be better. We're finding new people all the time and I'm really excited to teach some of them. All of them, but some expecially because they show lots of promise.We got to watch a temple dedication on Sunday!! It was awesome. The fifth temple in Brazil (Curitiba) was dedicated. President Monson and Elder Nelson were there. I love the temple! Kevin, are you going to the temple soon? You probably should cuz you don't have a temple in your mission... don't want to forget, so I would recommend going lots of times nowish. Make Mom and Dad take you every day. Or a couple times a week.


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