Sunday, December 7, 2008

November 11, 2008

Dear Family:

There was really just one sacred moment this week. We taught Luis again this week and he went to church on Sunday. And when we taught him again after church on Sunday we were witnesses when he received his answer. He knows that it's true and will be baptized. Thank you for your prayers.

I've also got a new vision of the Ward Mission. Our mission president just got back from a weekend get-away for training for new mission presidents and Boyd K. Packer and Henry B. Eyring taught them all about how the key to success is working with the members. And he gave a training in our stake for the bishops and LMA's (Ward Mission Leaders) and us and made me see that the Ward Mission could and should be more active than the Mission in and of itself. The Ward Mission should have goals and plans and everyone working together... and the full-time missionaries are just extra man-power to get it all done. Instead of all the incentive and goals and plans coming from the mission and all of the effort coming from just a few missionaries instead of from all the members. We fasted with our bishop and LMA to get ideas for how to motivate the ward and create a ward mission plan that will revolutionize our ward and the world. I'll let you know what comes of that.

I'm excited.I'm having an awesomely amazing time here in Boa Esperança. Christmas is coming soon!


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