Sunday, December 7, 2008

September 23, 2008

Dear Family:

I really need to take a picture of all the irmãs in my ward. One of the great blessings of being here so long has been getting to know and love the members. They are such great examples. There are some women that I just adore and take good care of me and treat me really well and are great examples to me about what I want to be when I'm a regular adult member of the church.

I got great advice from President Teixeira that after we get a blessing we should run and write down the things that we heard so that we don't forget. I'm glad that you're getting so many wonderful blessings. I'm really excited about General Conference coming up! And we're coming up on interviews with the mission president and a meeting with the Stake President and Zone Conference all in the next two weeks... and a visit with Kevin at the temple... if we can get the date sorted out. It should be a great couple weeks. I don't really have any more updates for now. Just want to share a new favorite scripture: Lucas 9:23 "E dizia a todos: Se alguém quer vir após mim, negue-se a si mesmo, e tome cada dia a sua cruz, e siga-me."Time is short today. Gotta go.


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