Tuesday, February 17, 2009

December 9, 2008

Dear Family:
It's been a great week. We did two apresentações of the Christmas Music Program. It is gorgeous. And they're recording them. And I'll get a copy. And I'll send it to you. You can put it on my blog. :) It's, of course, all in portuguese, but it's still pretty. I'll translate for you next year. We had a big scare with transfers--but we're not going anywhere. We told Luis that a transfer was coming up and he got all nervous. I told him that my dad wanted to meet him in August when my family comes to pick me up and he got emotional. He said it would be an honor. :) How I love that family. So you've got one appointment here and you've got to make it too. Can you call Christmas Day at 2:00 pm my time? I don't know the difference in hours or anything... but I'll try to figure it out this week. Call this number: 13-3384-1528. It's Norma and Danilo and Carmem's house. They're wonderful members. I'm short on time this week. But I'm doing great. I'll write better next week. And we'll be talking on the phone in 2 weeks! And it's supposed to be 30-40 minutes.

Love you all.


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