Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 10, 2009

Dear Family:

Our investigator Virginia has been feeling depressed and anxious. But she’s going to be baptized, because when she went to church she felt a great peace that stayed with her the whole day. She is seeking peace. And she’s being blessed by the gospel. Pray for her!I remembered this week how my testimony used to be. I used to like church and think that it was a good thing and I liked “the lifestyle” and I thought it was probably true. I had enough confidence that it was true to live the gospel. But I couldn’t say that I knew it was true. But now I can. And I’ve known for quite some time... but it’s kind of funny to remember when I didn’t know. So now I don’t have to let doubt even enter. I can be strong!

Love you all,
Sister Todd

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