Tuesday, February 17, 2009

December 16, 2008

Dear Family:

I've got some random stories for y'all this week. My Broken Head:I may or may not be a clutz. The other day we were catching a bus, and I was looking one way and walking another and ran full speed into a post. Body first and then head. The bus was stuffed full of people and I gave them great joy. Then we were coming back on the bus and I was talking to the bus driver to find out if I was on the right bus when he started going all of the sudden and my body was flung into the iron turnstile that you pass threw after you pay. Then that night we went to a lesson and a couple kids were fighting over the keys and the little girl flung the key ring into my forehead. It gave me a goose egg. All of these experiences gave my companion great joy and so I do not regret them.

Sister de Souza's Sickness: My companion was sick this week! She’s weighs 43 quilos. That’s 94 pounds. And she’s my height. And she’s got a sensitive stomach. She’s been feeling quite nauseous basically all the time. This is not good. On Friday she’s going to do endoscopy to see what’s going on in her tummy. But we think it’s got a lot to do with stress. If people start telling us about their problems—and people around here have a lot of problems—then she starts to feel ill. You can’t love people that much! It’s just not healthy! We’re working on emotional separation from the people.

:) Weird Mission Schedule:
This whole month is going to be kind of strange. Two weeks ago we did two of the musical things—took up basically two whole days. Last week we went to the doctor twice—took up basically two whole days—and we had to stay home a couple times when my compy wasn’t feeling well. This week we have the ward’s Christmas dinner, Endoscopy, and two more Christmas musical things! And next week we have the Mission’s Christmas Conference and phone calls home! I won’t have time to work ever! But we’re gonna make it.

João Luis:João Luis, Luis’s son, should be baptized this week! Pray for him! He’s 18 and has been studying the Book of Mormon a lot. But he isn’t confident in his testimony yet. He’s going to have a Baptismal Interview tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Love you all, got to go.


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