Sunday, August 2, 2009

May 5, 2009


Today is a particularly wonderful day because I am currently wearing pants. We just got back from a hike in a nature preserve. I bought a pair of jeans from a thrift shop yesterday especially for this occasion. And they are not just any jeans. They are stretchy and perfectly comfortable and fit exactly and were only 7 reais!! I may or may not have slept in them last night, I was so excited. The nature preserve was absolutely lovely. I really miss what is known as "mato" here in Brazil. At home, I always lived in relatively civilized areas, but there was always some kind of access to green areas. Here, in all of my areas for the last year, it has been almost entirely straight cement. My current area includes a little neighborhood in the middle of nowhere that is totally green with no cement at all. My pure euphoria was surprising even to me. Only in that moment did I realize how much I missed nature. And today our district went to hang out in the nature! I had the privilege of watching a butterfly give birth, and analyzed giant spiders with 6 foot webs, and saw tons of cicada exoskeletons and giant scary caterpillars, and I sat and lay in the grass and leg wrestled with Sister Souza, and we had a picnic, and climbed up hills... and all in all it was heavenly.

Deer is our most promising investigator right now. He's already been to church 3 times and he knows he has to get baptized, he just doesn't feel the desire to get baptized yet. He lives all the commandments, and is 18 years old. He's a miracle. We would appreciate your prayers on his behalf. If all goes as planned (by me), he should go on his mission about the same time as Ethan. :) They could even be companions!!

We are still in the midst of the chapel open house. It started yesterday. It will be dedicated on Saturday, and I will tell y'all all about it on Sunday!! I can hardly believe it!

I'm so proud of everybody for doing so many awesome things--except for the dating before 16 thing---and we'll talk so soon!!

All my love,
Sister Todd

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