Sunday, August 2, 2009

April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

Dear the Family,

Santo André is HUGE... or at least my area is. And all I do all day is walk up and down hills and staircases. Our area is just a little bit hilly. It's like an eternal hike. It makes me kind of happy.

I have arrived at a very key time for my ward here. Santo André Ala 5 has spent 11 months and 25 days away from their home chapel, because the chapel was being reformed. The meetings have been in the stake center. This has been quite a challenge, because the people do not, as a rule, have cars for transportation. So the Church rents a bus to go back and forth every Sunday... but that means that Church now takes up 4 1/2 hours of your day... and you don't have any flexibility. If you get to the bus stop a little late you can't go. So all the people that would have gotten to church half an hour late end up not coming. So attendence went from 120-150 to 80ish in the past year. HOWEVER, the grand opening of the new and improved ward building will be taking place May 2nd. So we are now preparing the area so that millions of new people will be at the grand opening/dedication and so that all the less actives will come back. It's a lot of great work.

My companions are amazing. They are great teachers and a ton of fun. It's entertaining to be in trio... cuz you have more people to talk to. And it's good because you just need to find one member to go on splits. And because you have three testimonies instead of just two. And because you get to learn from two other professionals instead of just one. Lots of ups. I'm having a great time.

And yes, Kevin, time is flying. I keep trying to reign it in... but no success with that as of yet. Just got to work as hard and as much and as fast as you can...

And P-day's over. We got to the Internet place late today because Sister Souza was straightening (sp?) Sister M. Silva's hair. So I only had half an hour. But next week we already made plans to come early so i can write you guys more.

Love and stuff,

Sister Todd

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