Sunday, August 2, 2009

May 26, 2009

Dear Family:

Sister Swollon invited our family. :) She's done some great propaganda, if anyone's interested. There are lots of historic places, tons of beautiful beaches, museums, lots of Carnaval sites, and, of course, free guided tours.

We've had a fabulous week. We worked so hard, and received so many blessings. Sister Swollon is a very cheerful, excited, energetic person. Everyone in the ward is already loving her. We're going to have a great time and do a lot of great things here--we didn't even get lost very much this week.

Matheus, Yeska, and Murillo are all going to be baptised this week. They are all children of members, but they didn't get baptised when they were eight, so we get to teach them and prepare the baptisms. Matheus is 10, Yeska is 9, and Murillo is 14. They are great kids who really want to be baptised and are all going to church regularly, even though their families are not entirely active. Matheus goes with his grandma to church, Yeska goes with her dad (her mom works), and Murillo goes by himself. They all are excited to learn and really excited about their baptisms.

Eder was also confirmed and interviewed to get the priesthood next week.

Love you all!
Sister Todd

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