Sunday, August 2, 2009

April 21, 2009

Dear Family,

This week has been great! The only bad news is that the chapel's dedication was postponed for another week: May 9th.

We met 3 new families this week: José and Leonilda, Carla and Alexandre, and Vivian and Joaquim. Each deserves a short commentary.

José and Leonilda
They are an older couple that was taught by the sisters in December. José is more interested than Leonilda... who didn't want to schedule more visits with the sisters. However, last week we were passing their house and José was in the doorway. Sister M. Silva was one of the original sisters that met them, so she started talking to him and he invited us in. And we made friends with Leonilda. Leonilda is a nurse who has worked in surgery for 20 years. She also makes jewelry in her spare time as a thereputic activity. She told us stories about the surgeries she's witnessed and showed us all the jewelry she's made... and she has lovely pieces. It's all beaded and every piece is different. There were a few that I thought Mom, April and Emily would like. If only I had money... : ) And after all this it was time for us to go as it was approaching 9:30, but she asked "Aren't you guys going to say a prayer?" So we left a short message with them and she even scheduled our next visit, which was last night. I went back with a family from the ward (on splits) and it was really great. I have great hopes for them, although it might take a little while for them to progress because of Leonilda's work schedule (every other day 12 hour shifts).

Carla and Alexandre
Carla and Alexandre are the owners of where I am right now, a LAN House. They have known the sisters for YEARS and they say that no one ever asked them if they wanted to hear a message. We taught them last week. Carla explained James 1:5 better than many a missionary. And Alexandre also understood and made awesome commentaries. They are a beautiful couple and work really hard to make the LAN House a healthy invironment for all. They teach all the teenagers that come here to respect one another and care about eachother. They will be amazing members and leaders.

Vivian and Joaquim
Joaquim stopped us in the street the Sunday before last. He was sitting on his motercycle with Vivian at his side. He asked if there was anyone that could go to his house to teach about the church and if he went to church if there was anyone that could sit by them and explain things. We humbly offered our services. They are a 20-something couple and were celebrating their first wedding anniversary on that day. They scheduled for us to go back this past Sunday. They told us that they have complicated religous pasts and had decided that as a couple they would look into some religions and figure out what they believe and what they want to do. They're not even sure if they believe in God, which is very rare in Brazil. But they are super smart and really want to find out if they believe. So the Book of Mormon should help with all of that.

So, we'd appreciate your prayers on behalf of our families. I'm so excited to be helping so many amazing people and very honored that the Lord would trust me with them. I love the work!

Sister Todd

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