Sunday, August 2, 2009

March 31, 2009

Dear My Family,

This week was pretty great. We had some amazing reactivating experiences. One of the area authorities told us that in our work with the wards we, as missionaries, had to pick 6 less-active families from a list of 15 that the ward would give us. We might have put off making the visits to all of the families, but this week we made a goal with the High Council Rep to have the six families ready by this past Sunday. So we finally visited all the families. And it was incredible. There was a family that wasn't going to church for years because they were all working all the time, several jobs each. But LAST WEEK the parents decided that they'd had enough and gave up the extra jobs and decided to stick with just one... and they don't even work on Sundays!!! And they have the desire to come back to the fold. There were several other families that are ready and willing to come back as well. It was the perfect moment for quite a few. It was by far and away the most positive experience I've had with reactivating in my mission. There really are people just ready and waiting for us to invite them back into the fold.

There are also people just waiting for us teach them. We met a man yesterday--who called out to us and invited us to tell him what is to be Mormon. He's always wanted to hear about the church... but the missionaries were always running from here to there... he was just dying to read the Book of Mormon. Our eleito! His name is Dalimário. Pray for him with us? His wife was also somewhat interested... a new family!!

Conference this week! And Nova Força for the new missionaries--we have to go to São Paulo on Thursday. And transfers next P-Day! Should have some big news next week!

Love you guys!


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